Site Clearing Process in Demolition

Site clearance is a crucial part of any demolition project. Whether the goal is to prepare a location for future development, or waste needs to be removed for safety purposes, a clear strategy is crucial. Here at Jennings, we take care of all the work necessary for your demolition and construction process, including site clearing, grubbing and waste disposal.

We can address your site clearing requirements for both complete and selective demolition projects, starting with a comprehensive plan for removal and debris management. We’ll even ensure that the right permits are in place to launch your demolition successfully.

Preparing for Site Clearance

A construction site may be cleared either as part of ongoing construction contract or in advance of a contract. The nature of your clearance and demolition support will be dependent on the agreement you have with your team.

At Jennings, we can handle the entire site clearing procedure, including the removal of brush and trees preceding grubbing. We’ll remove any woody materials, roots, and stumps before hauling material to an approved off-site destination for disposal. Our knowledge of local regulations and ordinances ensures that your disposal strategy will keep you on the right side of the law.

Managing and Disposing of Waste

Site clearance often leads to a significant amount of debris and waste that must be removed in an appropriate and compliant manner. As such, your team at Jennings may create a site waste management plan before clearance begins. The project will dictate how materials should be managed and disposed of according to local ordinances. All waste present on-site, including potentially hazardous substances, must be addressed.

In the past, the landfill was the first port of call for waste taken from construction sites. Today, the UK has begun to implement new rules that prevent the environmental contamination of landfills. Choosing a company for your demolition and site clearance project that holds a waste removal licence is an essential way to ensure peace of mind.

The right site clearance service, such as the one we offer here at Jennings uses strict procedure to ensure that your site is cleared and safe before any new project begins. We can even conduct site surveys to identify the waste and materials that need to be removed before clearance so that we can ensure that the right paperwork, machinery, and transportation are in place.

The Benefits of Professional Site Clearance

A professional site clearance service ensures that you and your team won’t encounter any nasty surprises during your construction or demolition project. The experts at Jennings make demolition more streamlined, reliable, and predictable so that you can focus on other aspects of your development process.

Some of the other benefits associated with professional site clearance include:

  • Safety and security: Effective site clearance planning ensures the safety of workers, and people located nearby the site. Teams like Jennings complete a comprehensive analysis before the project to ensure the strictest health and safety standards are met.
  • Peace of mind: Many site clearance projects will not require any specialist removal of hazardous waste products. However, an initial evaluation will ensure that your demolition crew is aware of any contaminated soils, asbestos or toxic substances before clearance begins. This ensures that no-one is accidentally exposed to dangerous materials.
  • Innovative equipment: Professional site clearance teams can access the latest in waste removal and handing tools. Access to innovative equipment not only streamlines the removal of debris, but it also means that you can move onto the next stage of your demolition project faster.

Streamline Your Demolition Project

Crucially, professional site clearance teams will be able to make sure that you’re aware of any legal procedures and compliance issues that might affect your project plan. A mistake in disposal, or failure to preserve specific parts of the structure like electrical and water connections, can mean that a project gets held up for weeks or months at a time.

Jennings ensures that you remain on the right side of the law, and in line with your predicted deadlines, by giving you a complete and well-planned site clearance experience every time. To talk with us about your demolition project, contact the Jennings team today.

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