Pre-Construction Advice

In order to de-risk the project as soon as possible, Jennings offer in depth advise on various areas of the construction process. From planning to methodology, we can help with it all.

How Jennings can help you…

Our team are extremely knowledgeable in all facets of the construction and demolition processes. Whether you require budget advice or insight on local authority notification, our years of industry experience can guide you through the process.

We aim to analyse all aspects of the project before it begins to make certain that it can be carried out safely and professionally.

We can advise you on…

R&D Asbestos Surveys.

Site waste management.

Footpath and road closures.

Advise on Demolition Methods

We are happy to offer advice on which method is best suited to your demolition project. We aim to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible and offer solutions with this in mind.

Section 80 Notices

Local authorities must be informed before the commencement of any demolition project. We are here to advise if you have any questions or concerns about this process.

Management Plans

As with any project, it is important that the demolition process is managed properly. We will advise on any and all aspects of management planning that you require.

Environmental Impact Assessments

All major development or demolition projects must undergo a Environmental Impact Assessment before going ahead. The findings from these assessments are considered before a decision is made on whether to proceed with the project.

Logistics Management

In order for any project to go smoothly, the logistics need to be properly managed. We can offer you solutions relating to everything from delivery to traffic management to ensure your project moves forward as planned.

Budget and Programme Advice

Before beginning any demolition project it is important to have an understanding of what will fit within your budget. We can advise on cost effective demolition solutions that match your budget.


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