Asset Recovery

Jennings will identify, strip, remove and safely transport assets to a location of your designation. We recover metals, other valuables, electronics such as switch gears, fixtures and other assets reliably and professionally.

Asset Recovery from Jennings

If your organisation or client has assets within a building due for demolition or deconstruction, our experts will recover them safely. We specialise in asset recovery and fully understand the true value assets can hold. We can remove assets before demolition or deconstruction and strip assets to leave nothing but concrete behind. We also offer our service for fire-damaged buildings to recover any assets safely stored away.

We recover all types of asset from buildings. We recover valuables such as metals, electrical equipment, electrical infrastructure such as wiring and switches, furniture, appliances and more. We aim to provide a thorough service, nothing more and nothing less. We achieve this through our systematic process which we have used successfully for over 50 years. This is what makes our service so thorough.

A service for all types of companies

Fire-damage asset recovery for valuables and protected assets

Asset recovery for liquidated companies for auction or scrap

Industrial and commercial asset recovery for redeployment or resale

Asset recovery

For over 50 years, Jennings has helped companies and firms recover their assets from buildings that are due for demolition or deconstruction. We offer a timely, efficient service backed by years' worth of industry experience.


Our team of deconstruction experts will dismantle building work and structure to release assets that would otherwise be lost or damaged in demolition. Examples include electrical wiring and copper piping for their scrap value.

Valuable assets

Valuable assets can consist of precious metals, jewellery, cash and antiques. Some businesses store these items away in a safe and forget about them. We'll recover these assets for you for auction or scrap.

Industrial machinery

If your building has heavy industrial machinery that needs removing, we can remove it safely using forklift trucks and similar machinery. Industrial machinery is always in demand for resale and may be suitable for redeployment.

Ground asset recovery

Some assets run underground. Our experts will identity the valuable assets on your site that do and recommend a course of action. Digging up these assets may be worthwhile if their scrap value exceeds the cost of recovering them.

Liquidated companies

We are highly experienced with asset recovery for liquidated companies. We'll remove goods and other assets and lift these onto wagons for removal. We take great care during the process to keep assets safe for resale or redeployment.


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