Temporary Works

Jennings has a history of delivering temporary works. Over 50 years, we have helped engineering and building contractors build permanent works through temporary works on all manner of projects. We always deliver temporary works to BS 5975.

Temporary Works Experts

Temporary works are sometimes necessary to allow permanent works to be built. Depending on their purpose, they can provide safety or add stability to a structure, redirect the flow of traffic, or provide space for machinery and powered equipment. Whatever their purpose, temporary works must be delivered to BS 5975 to ensure they are safe and fit for use. We always work with a specialist to deliver works to this standard.

The temporary works we build include formwork and falsework, structural propping and needing, scaffolding, basement shoring, façade retention and more. We can accommodate any structural requirements for construction work. On-site management is available so that projects run smoothly with no interruption to service. We have a history of delivering temporary works so contact us for the highest level of service.

What We Do

Shoring, propping, foundations, façade retention, formwork and falsework

All temporary works carried out to BS 5975

Project management from start to finish for a seamless service

BS 5975

All our temporary works are undertaken by our experts to BS 5975. BS 5975 gives us a clear code of best practice for temporary structures on building sites. It sets out guidelines on design, specification, construction and dismantling.

Façade retention

Façade retention supports the outside walls of a building to improve structural stability and strength. This service is necessary for older buildings under refurbishment, or where groundwork is being performed close to a building.

Structural propping work

Using heavy duty props, we can provide support to any building or structure. Structural propping is the process of erecting systems to carry the heaviest of loads. All propping work is undertaken by our own experience engineers.

Basement shoring

Basement shoring is necessary to support the structure while work is being carried out. New basement builds, and old build alike will need shoring if structural integrity may be compromised. We are experts in basement shoring and propping.


Formwork is the name given to the support structure for spanning or arched structures, such as bridges and archways. Formwork supports and holds the arched structure in place until it can support itself. We're experts in formwork.

Over 50 years' experience

Founded in 1959, we have over 50 years' construction and demolition experience. We have worked on over a hundred temporary works projects in the last year alone. To find out more, contact us to discuss your project.


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