Asbestos Removal

Jennings has provided pre-demolition asbestos removal for over 50 years. We are qualified and licensed asbestos removal experts, with significant experience on industrial sites. For expert advice and removal, contact our Asbestos experts.

The Asbestos Removal Experts

If you have asbestos, we’ll remove it safely with minimal risk to human and environmental health. We are qualified to manage all aspects of pre-demolition asbestos removal and disposal. If you suspect you have asbestos, then we can carry out a survey to determine this and work with you to remove the asbestos safely.

Asbestos has been scientifically and medically linked with causing cancer, as well as numerous other diseases. It is an inherently dangerous material that must be removed and disposed of safely. It comes in two common forms: Cement and boards. Both materials are dangerous, but boards are more dangerous because they are softer and carry a greater risk of splitting, which releases the hazardous asbestos fibres.

Why Choose Us?

50 years' experience removing and disposing of asbestos

Asbestos surveys to determine asbestos type and coverage

Health and safety procedures to ensure safe removal and disposal

Asbestos Surveys

Not sure if you have asbestos, or the extent of its coverage? We offer both management surveys and demolition surveys depending on your needs. Demolition surveys are required before any demolition work can be carried out.

Expert identification

We have over 50 years' experience working with asbestos. We can easily identify Crocidolite (blue asbestos), Amosite (brown asbestos) and other types of asbestos. Based on these findings, we can recommend a course of action.

Risk assessments

Asbestos risk assessments must be carried out prior to building work, to assess and determine the potential risk of exposure to asbestos. Appropriate measures must then be put in place to protect human and environmental health.

Asbestos removal

Prior to demolition, asbestos must be removed safely from the building structure. It must then be packed, and stored, in such a way that makes it non-hazardous. We'll remove your asbestos and secure it for disposal.

Asbestos disposal

Asbestos must be disposed of in a safe and ethical way. It is classed as a hazardous waste, and therefore there are also laws governing its disposal. We dispose of asbestos using specialist recycling centres only.

Health and safety

As a professional demolition contractor, we take health and safety extremely seriously. Our experts are qualified to work with asbestos and follow the latest health and safety guidelines, including those stipulating the use of protective equipment.


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