Land Clearance

Land clearance is essential to prepare old land for new construction and reuse, especially following demolition.

Since 1958, Jennings has provided land clearance services as a primary demolition contractor and secondary contractor. We specialise in high standard service which aims to clear a site of all unwanted debris.

A complete land clearing solution

The process involves clearing land of organic and inorganic material. It can involve something as simple as ‘flattening’ the land to clear the top layer, or a complete clearance solution where we did down to purify the land.

Debris removed from land, whether it’s brick, mortar, sand or trees, must be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way. Jennings has a waste management policy in place to make sure cleared land is reused and recycled.

Land clearance services

No two sites are ever the same. Thankfully, we have machinery like mulchers, shredders, excavators and shears to clear any site, no matter the contents.

When choosing a contractor to manage your project, pay attention to the experience of the contractor.

Jennings has over 50 years experience clearing all kinds of site from farm fields to demolition sites. We always conduct a survey before clearing any site and this is something we recommend you do too. A survey will reveal any potential issues with the site and make sure the work can go ahead in a safe way.

We combine land clearance with green and brown waste recycling to minimise our impact on the environment. Trees and hedges are also reused wherever possible. We want to be as green as possible and also as safe as possible. Our workforce is highly trained and we’re able to take on any size of project.

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Some of the typical services include:

Tree and hedge clearance

Forestry clearance

Turf clearance

Highway and road clearance

Driveway clearance

Sub-level (cellar, basement) clearance

Debris clearance (e.g. following demolition)


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