Façade Retention

Façade retention will preserve the original front and outer walls of your building, allowing the rest to be replaced

Façade Retention for any building

Since 1958, Jennings has provided façade retention services on demolition and construction projects throughout Yorkshire and the rest of England.

The process involves the removal (and demolition) of a building’s innards and structure, while leaving the façade intact or partially intact.

The expectation is that the front of the building can be preserved to retain original and period features. This is an important technique for preserving the architectural character and historic fabric of a building. It is an inherently complex exercise; however, it is also very much necessary for historic and notable buildings.

Services we provide

The demolition of a building is made more complex by the need to retain the façade. It means some demolition activities cannot be performed, and in many cases, the structure around the façade has to be partially de-built by hand.

We have a great deal of experience at delivering complex façade retentions in Listed buildings and buildings of historic interest. We can build retention support structure to assure the integrity of the façade during demolition and construction activities. We provide this service for any structure, no matter its age.

Our role as your demolition company is to make sure the rest of the building can be demolished without affecting the original façade. This will require careful planning and an experienced team to oversee the work.

The good news is most façades are retainable without becoming uneconomical. Some areas of a façade may need to be re-built using the original materials, but the bulk of most façades can be structurally supported in situ for demolition work to commence.

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