Contaminated Site Assessment

Contaminated site assessments evaluate pollution within a site to determine whether sites are suitable for proposed use.

Contaminated Site Assessments

Since 1958, Jennings has provided a contaminated site assessment service as a primary and secondary contractor. Our expertise in conducting Phase 1 and Phase 2 contaminated site assessments puts us in a unique position to help you.

Phase 1 assessments determine the potential for contamination within a site and are used to determine if a site is suitable for proposed use. Phase 2 assessments investigate whether there are any condition problems with soil and groundwater.

Most sites that are being converted for use will require at least a Phase 1 assessment. A Phase 2 assessment may be needed to obtain planning permission. It involves a direct test of underground materials to check for contamination.

Why choose Jennings?

Our experience conducting Phase 1 and Phase 2 contaminated site assessments is unrivalled. We have conducted these assessments since 1958. We have helped hundreds of companies get their site approved for construction.

Contaminated site assessments can be performed before or after demolition if your site requires demolition. In any case, a Phase 2 assessment requires drilling at the site to collect samples of underground materials for testing.

While a Phase 1 study is useful for determining if a site is suitable for proposed use, a Phase 2 study will confirm if this is the case. Our surveys are conducted to BS10175 standards. This is the standard required by the British Government.

Please get in touch if you require a contaminated land assessment. We work as a primary or secondary contractor to companies and individuals.

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