Site Remediation

Site remediation is the process of effectively removing pollution and contaminants from the ground. This is essential for preparing brownfield sites for construction, and for reducing a site’s impact on the environment and local population.

Site Remediation projects are often borne from the need to make ground suitable for new construction. So-called brownfield sites can represent a health risk and must be thoroughly remediated before they can be used.

Site remediation is also often necessary following demolition. Demolition projects can uncover polluted and contaminated ground. Excavation work in particular is known for this, making remediation something we’re very experienced with.

Site Remediation Treatments

The point of remediation is to reduce pollutants and contaminants to a level so that the land becomes suitable for use. In other words, so the site can be used by humans without risk. This requires careful consideration for how soil is treated.

Common treatments include bioremediation, chemical oxidation, stabilisation, soil washing and thermal desorption. Depending on the desired final cleanliness of a site, these treatments can be combined with good effect.

The Process

Site remediation involves the detection and investigation of suspected contaminated sites before the removal of pollutants and contaminants. Soil will then undergo specific treatments to reverse the damage caused by pollutants. At the end of this process, the site should be safe enough for new construction.

At Jennings, we have a great deal of experience with site remediation, having worked on such projects over a period of 50 years.

Founded in 1959, we have more experience than most and can advise and recommend treatments for any site. The process can be a tricky, but we will put in place a clear strategy that meets your requirements.

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