Site Excavation

Site excavation falls into our core expertise, with our vast experience spanning small plots to acres of land.

Site excavation from Jennings

Since 1958, Jennings has provided site excavation services. The types of excavation we provide are complete, meaning we can excavate any site. We have a highly skilled workforce and the best equipment to get the job done.

Site excavation can be complex. While some sites require only a simple approach using perhaps one machine, other sites are huge, have hard material, or have contaminated land that needs to be seen to very carefully.

We have worked on projects following demolition and pre-construction, as well as for improvement works.

For example, we recently used the open-cut trench excavation technique to expose existing pipes for repair in an old building. This helped our contractor meet their objectives in a safe and efficient way with minimal disruption.

Why choose Jennings?

Jennings has over 50 years’ industry experience. We have shifted thousands of tonnes of soil and rock, which we then put through recycling centres to be reused in other projects in the UK and overseas.

Our investment in machinery and training means we can excavate any site in only a matter of days or weeks. Whether your site needs trenching, digging, dredging or a combination of techniques, we have the expertise to do it.

Our core expertise lies in demolition and assisting in groundworks for pre-construction and site excavation forms a key part of this.

We can work as a primary or secondary contractor on your project and we take on projects of all sizes. We are just as happy digging up a small plot for a new home as we are excavating old foundations for a new supermarket.

Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your excavation project today.

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