Land Remediation

Jennings provides a complete range of land remediation services that comply with the latest environmental standards.

Land remediation services

Land remediation is the process in which land is restored to its former state, or a state that is compatible with new construction. This is necessary in demolition environments in order to restore land following the destructive process of demolition.

As part of service, we combine a series of techniques that aim to reduce contaminants in the ground and restore the ground to a condition that is natural. In doing so, we manage the environmental concerns with remediation and meet the needs of our clients, who often move onto construction later.

Process Explained

Jennings is a demolition company at heart, but we take our environmental responsibility extremely seriously. We are conscious of the fact that demolition is destructive, so if we can minimise our impact as much as possible, we will.

Well-planned and well-managed site remediation is part of this. Land remediation is an important part of our core offering as a responsible contractor, and we can provide value in this area as a primary or secondary contractor.

To provide you with the right kind of service, we need to survey your site and take samples of the ground. This is necessary even if you have already created reports.

If we work on a demolition project for you and you require land remediation, we will package this into the service we provide. This will make sure the process is managed with the same efficiency as the demolition itself.

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As part of our service we can:

Remove any type of contamination

Remove and filter earth

Remove foundations and building materials

Remove receptors, such as fences and walls

Treat soil, clay sand and ground to reduce chemicals


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