Land Reclamation

Land reclamation may be necessary to create a space that can be used for construction or agriculture

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Since 1958, Jennings has provided land reclamation services throughout Yorkshire and the rest of England. We have worked on hundreds of projects and our expertise has helped our customers achieve what they set out to do.

The process traditionally involves creating new land from water areas but in construction today it is mainly focused on brownfield sites. The demolition of old buildings and structures often requires land reclamation in some form, to convert areas that would be otherwise unfit for construction and reuse.

Land reclamation services

Land reclamation involves a variety of different services, depending on the site and what you want to do with the land once reclaimed. We have listed a selection of these services on the right hand side of this page.

When choosing a contractor to manage your project, it’s important to choose someone who has experience with your kind of site. Your site may be inert, or it may have liquid, hazardous material or heavy and bulky substrate.

Traditionally, land is raised or elevated above water level so it can be used. This is what happens with cities by the coast – buildings are built where the sea used to be, and reclamation is the process used to do this.

Your project should ideally be overseen by someone who understands the purpose of reuse. For example, we are a demolition company, so we work closely with other contractors and private customers on construction projects.

We can assist with any project you have, so get in touch.

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Some of the typical services include:

Site clearance

Vegetation clearance



Soil testing

Soil making

Soil stabilisation

Invasive weed control

Waste disposal


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