High Rise Building Demolition

Jennings has overseen the successful demolition of over a hundred high rises over the last decade.

High Rise Building Demolition

Since 1958, Jennings has provided high rise building demolition services across Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. Our vast experience means we are able to demolish buildings which have been assessed to present a risk to the public.

High-rise residential towers and multistorey car parks are prime examples of the buildings we have demolished so that new construction can begin. Our line of work is the first step to transforming a space and enabling first construction.

The demolition techniques we use depend on the building, including what it is made from and what risk demolition presents to the surrounding area and population. The ideal technique is implosion, where we bring it down in a controlled way with explosives, but the reality is machine demolition may be more relevant.

Why choose Jennings?

Jennings has over 50 years’ experience demolishing high rise buildings. We can survey a building and recommend the next steps in line with your budget and timeline, so that your project can go ahead correctly on schedule.

We have the correct equipment to handle every aspect of your demolition project, from bringing the building down, to clear up, onsite crushing and transportation. There’s no need to hire multiple contractors because we do it all.

The techniques we use include implosion, machine demolition and demolition by hand in sensitive areas. We enable efficient demolition by managing the clear up of debris at scale, so that demolition can continue all the time.

We also provide groundworks and site reclamation services following high rise demolition, to suit your project and make land workable.

We’re demolition experts with headquarters in Leeds and Hull. You can contact us for free advice and a chat about your high rise project.

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