Ground Stabilisation

Ground stabilisation involves making changes to soil to make it suitable for foundations and construction work.

Ground stabilisation from Jennings

Since 1958, Jennings has provided ground stabilisation services across Yorkshire. We’re experienced with lime, cement, bitumen and organic stabilisation, including stabilisation for electrics and pipework for new construction.

Ground stabilisation can involve biological, physical and chemical stabilisation. Biological stabilisation involves afforestation, physical stabilisation typically involves concrete or lime, and chemical stabilisation typically uses or oils or chemicals.

Most sites in the UK have a mix of soft and hard ground that must be carefully reinforced with new material like lime or concrete.

The right ground stabilisation technique for your ground depends on the makeup of the ground and what you intent to use it for. We can recommend techniques based on several factors after conducting a site survey.

Why choose Jennings?

Jennings has over 50 years’ experience conducting groundworks, following demolition overseen by us and in new construction. We work as a primary or secondary contractor and we operate our own highly trained workforce.

Our company is known for its quality and reliability. We stick to schedule and carefully monitor progress through project management. Your groundworks project will be managed by our experts with daily updates on progress.

We own our own excavation and mixing equipment. We can also organise traffic management for your site. We follow a company code of conduct for health and safety, so rest assured every aspect of our work is professional.

To stabilise ground, we can use lime, cement, bitumen, other aggregates like stone fill, geotextiles and mixing materials. The right material for your ground stabilisation depends on the makeup of the ground and what it will be used for.

We are happy to conduct a survey of your site for a small fee. Please feel free to get in touch with us to speak with our experts about your project.

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