We specialise in the design and build of falsework to any specification for all kinds of construction project.


Since 1958, Jennings has designed and built falsework in construction as a primary and secondary contractor. Falsework is used in construction to support structures while they are being built or repaired. These temporary structures are essential to support permanent structures until they are capable of supporting themselves.

Once a permanent structure is self-supporting, falsework can be dismantled. We specialise in building all types of falsework, including soffit for beams and slabs and centring for arches. Our services are most often used by construction companies who rely on our efficiency and experience with structural engineering.

We have also worked on several demolition projects where one element of a building, such as a bell tower, needs to be saved. Our engineering experience is vital to ensure that projects like these can go ahead smoothly.

Why choose Jennings?

We have over 50 years’ structural engineering experience as a primary and secondary contractor to construction companies. We have significant project experience designing and building falsework to all imaginable specifications.

We have the best engineering team and our own equipment, making us perfectly capable of coming in and handling your project from start to finish. Our clients appreciate our efficiency and ability to do the job with no disruption. We will erect props and scaffold poles and cut timber to length onsite.

We can deploy type 1, type 2 or type 3 falsework with individual aluminium or steel props. We also cater for heavy duty requirements. We are a demolition company at heart, so we can assist you with groundworks and preparing sites for new constructions.

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