Demolition Waste Management

A well-planned and well-managed demolition waste management plan is essential for demolition to run smoothly. A build up or overflow of waste will only slow down a project and burn up resources.

Keeping sites safe and clean

Demolition is a destructive process that generates a lot of waste. In any given project, hundreds of tons of waste will be generated. This waste needs to be disposed of efficiently if the demolition site is to run optimally.

As part of our demolition service, we will always put in place a demolition waste management plan. Such a plan will incorporate more than merely collecting and carting away the waste produced on-site. It will also take into account the production of waste, mud on streets, the production of dust, water and soil contamination, trees, noise, and the visual impact of the demolition project.

How we operate

A well-planned and well-managed demolition waste management plan is also necessary to meet health and safety requirements. This comes down to the simple fact that waste presents a hazard to workers. It can restrict access and make people’s jobs harder. This is no good, so it’s best to put in place a proactive plan.

During a demolition project, the project itself will be broken down into stages and a clean-up operation will be performed at specific stages. This will prevent a build-up of debris and waste and keep the working area clear and safe.

Most construction waste these days is recyclable or can be repurposed, so it is often broken down for transport and taken to a recycling plant for processing.

Depending on the project, it may be best to store waste on site in containers before mass transport, so long as it isn’t a health hazard. If it is, it should be removed quickly. In any case, Jennings has the experience to provide a complete demolition waste management plan that will ensure the smooth running of your demolition site.

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