Contaminated Land Remediation

We specialise in restoring contaminated land to a good quality so that new construction and urban projects can go ahead.

Contaminated Land Remediation

Since 1958, Jennings has provided contaminated land remediation solutions to councils, developers and businessowners. We work as a primary or secondary contractor and provide a project managed service from start to finish.

Contaminated land can be dangerous, toxic or hazardous to health. Examples of such sites include dumping grounds, landfill sites and old construction sites that have been filled with waste. A remediation solution will remove these contaminants and replace them with fresh aggregate, which could be soil, gravel or sand.

The aim is to remove contaminants to create a site that is prime for new construction or urbanisation.

Why choose Jennings?

Jennings has over 50 years’ experience providing contaminated land remediation solutions across Yorkshire. Our extensive experience puts us in the best position to provide a solution for your site, be it contaminated with toxic waste or filled with rubble.

We can provide remediation services following a qualified survey of the site so that we know what we are dealing with. We can conduct a survey for you or work with your survey so long as it meets industry standards.

The remediation techniques we use include in-situ techniques like immobilising, stabilising, washing and replacing ground. We can also refine aggregate offsite to remove contaminants at a fine level and transform any site into a clean one.

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