Asbestos Removal Yorkshire

Asbestos is an extremely hazardous removal. When you need it removed and disposed of, this is a job which can only be done by experienced, licensed professionals.

At Jennings, we have an expert team with 50 years’ experience in asbestos removal in Yorkshire, while also being able to identify and dispose of it safely and quickly.

We offer asbestos removal services across Yorkshire, covering all areas and premises, including industrial and demolition sites.

Licensed Yorkshire asbestos removal experts

Our team of fully qualified, licensed asbestos removal experts can be trusted to manage all aspects of asbestos removal and disposal. We are highly trained in all the relevant laws and health and safety procedures, and have the latest equipment to ensure all asbestos is removed, stored and disposed of in a way which minimises the risk of harm to your health and the environment.

Whether you have asbestos cement or boards on your premises, we will quickly identify this and work out the best ways to remove it, adhering to all current legislation.

We will then pack and store it in the correct ways to prevent health hazards, and dispose of it safely at specialist recycling facilities.

Make your Yorkshire property asbestos-free

Our team are experts at identifying the different types of asbestos, all of which are potentially extremely dangerous. We are licensed to carry out asbestos surveys so the correct procedures can be put in place, making your building safe and legal.

If you are based in Yorkshire and would like an asbestos survey, or you need one prior to carrying out a demolition, please call us on 0113 255 8919 to arrange a consultation.

Our services include:

Asbestos surveys to identify the type and location

Risk assessments to determine the best ways of removal

Pre-demolition surveys

Safe removal, storage and disposal of all types of asbestos


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